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Training program

General information

We are pleased to present you our seminar program. For many years HORIZONT has been your competent partner in the area of workload automation and scheduling, especially for topics around BMC Control-M, Broadcom Automic Automation and IBM Scheduler IWS.

We not only offer trainings for our HORIZONT products and for individual courses on IWS z/OS, but also seminars in the z/OS environment for the BMC products CONTROL-M, CONTROL-M/Restart (CONTROL-R) and CONTROL-M/Output (CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V). This makes us a full-service provider for training in the z/OS environment BMC Workload Automation.

For the courses on IWS z/OS we offer customized training courses for IWSz administrators as well as for IWSz users (e.g. for production planners or for production controllers), which are tailored and adapted to your requirements. Please contact us with your requirements.

An additional new focus are seminars in the distributed environment with a large selection of seminars for the product BMC CONTROL-M for Workload Automation. You can also book seminars on UNIX and SAP R/3 in this environment.

An introductory course for z/OS (TSO, ISP, SDSF, etc.), JCL (Job Control Language), course topics such as REXX, DFSMS, DFSMShsm, DFSMSrmm and RACF complete the course offering for customers using z/OS.

We offer the courses as an online course, as a face-to-face course with course location Munich in our HORIZONT office or as a face-to-face in-house course at your premises. Seminars are offered in our office in Munich up to a number of 4 participants. In case of a larger number of participants we could also switch to a hotel. We have realized the possibility to switch to a hotel by using the "Flying Classroom", i.e. we can take our training environment with us. All courses can also be booked as company courses (without other participants) - individually tailored to your desired date and course content. Please just contact us if you have a need here.

Last but not least, a valuable hint! We also run courses with only one participant. This special service avoids cancellations of a course at short notice, e.g. because there are not enough registrations.

Training program

Control-M for Distributed

Number Training Details CTMWLA100 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Basics for Users click here ➔ CTMWLA200 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Extended functions for users click here ➔ CTMWLA400 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Basics for Administrators click here ➔ CTMWLA500 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Advanced features for administrators click here ➔ CTMWLA650 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Basics for Operators click here ➔ CTMWLA150 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Basics for z/OS Users - Using WLA Client Version 9.0.x click here ➔ CTMSAP300 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Control-M Module for SAP/R3 click here ➔ CTMWLA600 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Update for users click here ➔ CTMWLA700 Control-M for Distributed Systems - Rel. 9.x Upgrade for Administrators click here ➔

Training for z/OS

Number Training Details ZOSJCL100 z/OS - Job Control Language (JCL), Procedures and Utilities click here ➔ ZOSRXX100 z/OS - TSO/E REXX interpreter language click here ➔ ZOSIBM100 z/OS - Introduction to ISPF and Job Control Language (JCL) click here ➔ ZOSJES200 z/OS - JES2 Basics Operator Training click here ➔ ZOSRAC100 z/OS - RACF Basic Knowledge for Administrators click here ➔ ZOSSMS100 z/OS - DFSMS Implementation click here ➔ ZOSSMS200 z/OS - DFSMShsm Implementation click here ➔ ZOSSMS300 z/OS - DFSMSrmm Implementation click here ➔

Control-M for z/OS

Number Training Details CTMZOS100 Control-M/R for z/OS - Basics click here ➔ CTMZOS200 Control-M/R for z/OS - Advanced Functions I click here ➔ CTMZOS300 Control-M/R for z/OS - Advanced Functions II click here ➔

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Number Training Details
CTDZOS100 Control-D/V for z/OS Basics click here ➔
CTDZOS200 Control-D/V for z/OS - Advanced Functions I click here ➔
CTDZOS300 Control-D/V for z/OS - Advanced Functions II click here ➔
IOAZOS100 INCONTROL for z/OS - BMC IOA9.xx Installation and Administration click here ➔
IOAZOS200 INCONTROL for z/OS - KSL (Key Stroke Language) IOA 9.xx for z/OS click here ➔