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Course Information

 Number: ZOSIBM100
 Name: z/OS - Introduction to ISPF and Job Control Language (JCL)
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of z/OS, JCL and TSO/.ISPF
Target group: Data center staff - storage management, production control, system programming and RACF administration areas.

Seminar content: In this seminar the participant learns the basics of z/OS, the ISPF/PDF dialog processing, the structure of a TSO session and the ISPF/PDF panels. In addition, at the end of the seminar he will know the standard components such as EDIT, VIEW, BROWSE and UTILITIES. The participant will be able to call ISPF dialogs, create files, rename and delete them. Also covered will be the basics of SDSF and Job Control Language (JCL) for controlling jobs in a z/OS operating system environment. You will learn to code JCL statements and procedures and to create and execute complete jobs. You will also acquire basic knowledge of essential standard and utility programs such as SORT or IEBCOPY. Practical exercises will deepen the learned contents.

  • Overview of the z/OS components
  • TSO and ISPF Dialog, Menus, Panels
  • Selection of functions / Structure of masks / Help / File management
  • Organization forms and file attributes
  • Naming conventions
  • Create and manage files
  • Subdivided files (PDS/PDSE)
  • Editing files / Member Selection List / Commands / PF key assignment
  • Word processing commands
  • Change function, search strings, keylists, profiles / utilities / library utilities
  • TSO Command Processor
  • LIST and LOG
  • Print, Move and Copy
  • Overview Batch Processing / SDSF
  • JCL / Syntax / Elements
  • Job Description
  • Step and DD description
  • File concatenation
  • SMS parameters
  • IF / THEN / ELSE vs. COND statement
  • JCLLIB / INCLUDE / SET statements
  • Procedures / IBM Utilities / SORT / GDG
Duration: 4 days
Participants: maximum 12
Other: German training materials
Dates: Are currently offered only in consultation with the customer. Contact us here.

In-house course:

In-house course possible from 1 participant on site at 2.845,- € plus travel expenses for the instructor against proof.

Course duration 4 days. Start 1.day approx. 10.00 o'clock - end last day approx. 16.00 o'clock.

Dates by arrangement.

For 2 participants flat rate 4.690,- €, each further participant additional 950,- € up to and including 5 participants. From the 6th participant up to and including 10 participants flat rate 7.900,- €, from the 11th participant each additional participant costs 750,- €. Travel expenses for the lecturer will be invoiced against proof.

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