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LINUX Wine and HORIZONT PC Clients

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XINFO and TWS/Graph PC clients work without problems under Linux Wine (see screenshot below).

  • Standard Open SUSE 10.3 installed from DVD (no updates installed) with desktop KDE
  • wine-0.9.44 installed via YAST
  • Firewall disabled via YAST
  • Installation package for PC client downloaded via ftp
  • PC client installed in local directory ~/xinfo (~/twsgraph) with the following commands
  • mkdir xinfo (mkdir twsgraph)
  • cd xinfo (cd twsgraph)
  • wine xxrinst.exe (pack.exe)
  • XINFO.PWD (TWSGRAPH.PWD) renamed to xinfo.PWD (twsgraph.PWD) and valid license key specified
  • XINFO.TCP (OPCGAD.TCP and OPCGCP.TCP) as shown in the screenshot.
  • started the client with the command
  • wine xinfo (wine twsgraph)