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EveMan: The smart solution for your workload automation


EveMan standardizes the event management of your workload automation environment with a powerful monitoring and control tool. Our application automates the detection and enrichment of workload automation events and transfers them, including additional aggregated information, in a standardized form to your ITSM tool. This enables tickets to be processed faster and more efficiently.

EveMan centralizes relevant processing information on events, ensuring optimized ticket management and a holistic view of your workload automation processes. With its unique real-time event-driven response and customizable ruleset, EveMan is indispensable for users in various fields. The fully automatable rule management offers a further advantage for dynamic event processing that adapts to the individual needs of your production monitoring.

Advantages at a glance

Real-time reaction for events

EveMan enables an event-driven real-time response to incidents. This ensures that problems are detected and dealt with immediately, significantly improving system availability and reliability.

Flexible set of rules

Eveman's customizable ruleset enables companies to perform both automated and manual interventions to meet specific requirements and flexibly design incident management processes.

Automated processing

EveMan automates the processing of incidents and alerts. This reduces manual effort, minimizes errors and speeds up problem resolution, resulting in more efficient IT operations management.

ITSM integration

There is seamless integration with ITSM tools such as Jira and ServiceNow. This integration optimizes ticketing and ensures smooth collaboration between different IT service management systems and users.

Centralized information

EveMan centralizes important event information and provides a comprehensive overview of how problems arise. This central source of information facilitates the monitoring and analysis of incidents and supports well-founded decision-making processes.

ITIL conformity

EveMan is ITIL-compliant, which ensures compliance with proven IT management practices. This helps companies to design their IT processes in a standardized and efficient way to ensure high quality standards.

Key features

Event-controlled real-time reaction

EveMan responds to incidents in real time, based on predefined rules. This capability enables immediate detection and processing of problems, minimizing downtime and maximizing system availability. This contributes significantly to the stability and reliability of IT systems.

Automated incident processing

By automating incident and alert processing, EveMan significantly reduces manual effort. This leads to faster and more efficient problem resolution, reduces the risk of errors and optimizes the entire incident management process. 

Integration with ITSM tools

EveMan integrates seamlessly with leading ITSM tools such as Jira and ServiceNow. This integration improves the ticketing system, facilitates collaboration between different IT teams and ensures consistent and efficient management of IT services and incidents. The seamless integration also promotes transparency in incident management.

Customizable set of rules

EveMan offers a flexible and customizable set of rules that can be adapted to a company's specific requirements. This enables both automated and manual interventions to create customized incident management solutions that are optimally tailored to the company's needs. This adaptability increases the efficiency and effectiveness of incident management.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is EveMan aimed at?

EveMan is primarily aimed at all customers who use BMC Control-M as a workload automation tool. Whether you are a normal user, production employee or manager - EveMan supports you in all areas of workload automation. It optimizes your workload automation infrastructure and can also seamlessly integrate other event sources thanks to its open architecture.

What specific benefits does EveMan offer me?

Main features and benefits

1. event-controlled real-time reaction: Fast and precise reaction to events according to customizable rules.
2. automated procedure: Efficient processing of events in the event of an incident.
3. Flexibility: Fully automatable administration of individual rules
4.Powerful: Scope of services comparable to managed services.
5. Technical expertise: Optional access to advice from workload automation experts at HORIZONT.
6. ITIL-compliant: Ensuring ITIL compliance.

How does EveMan work?

EveMan serves as a bridge tool between your workload automation environment and your ITSM tool. It is currently primarily used with BMC Control-M. EveMan automatically records all events from Control-M, enriches them with important additional information and creates an incident, for example. This incident can be processed faster and more efficiently by an employee according to your defined, ITIL-compliant processes. As a result, EveMan significantly increases the efficiency of your automation landscape.


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