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Control-D/V for z/OS Extended functions I

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Course Information

Number: CTDZOS200
Name: Control-D/V for z/OS Extended Functions I
Prerequisites: CTDZOS100 course or equivalent, basic knowledge of printer control, basic knowledge of JES.
Target group: Employees of the computer center - work preparation area, output management.

Seminar Content:

This seminar builds on the CONTROL-D and CONTROL-V Basics seminar and deepens the knowledge about these products. The individual customization options and the internal structure of CONTROL-D/V are explained as well as the tasks of the system administration. Using detailed exercises as examples, the participant will gain detailed insights into the operation of the CDAM subsystem, the CONTROL-D jobs and the CONTROL-V functions of indexing and migration. It will be shown how CONTROL-D/V is integrated into the IOA family (Integrated Operations Architecture) and how the connection to other products of the IOA family can be established.

Extensive exercises are used to deepen the knowledge imparted.

  • Internal structure of the IOA and Control-D/V
  • The interaction of the components
  • Generic separation
  • CDAM and separation jobs in detail
  • Report Viewing / Editing
  • Printing design
  • Utilities
  • Batch orders
  • Day change
Duration: 4 days
Participants: maximum 12
Other: German training materials
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