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HORIZONT is a software development company located in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1993 as R.O.S.E. by five OPC (until 2015 TWS, since 2015 IWS for IBM Workload Scheduler) consultants. Due to legal conflicts, the name was changed to HORIZONT in 1997.

The company’s first product was OPC/Graph (until 2017 TWS/Graph, now IWS/Graph), net plan display software for IWS (TWS), which was developed together with IBM Germany. With more than 150 customers worldwide, it has become the de facto standard for TWS compatible software. Additional products include IWS/BatchAD, TWS/BatchCP and IWS/Audit, rounding off the IWS (TWS) product line.

With the introduction of XINFO in 1997 (SmartIS in the US in 1999), HORIZONT took a big step into a much wider market. XINFO (SmartIS in USA and Japan)  integrates with schedulers other than IWS (TWS), for example Automic (UC4), CA-7, CA-Scheduler, Control-M or ZEKE. In 2002 HORIZONT released DSN/Change and SmartJCL, which are completing the product line.

Since 2003 HORIZONT has a new product, IWS/WebAdmin for IWS distributed , and since 2012 IWS/WebAdmin for IWS z/OS.

In 2012 HORIZONT developed a new ground-breaking product: ProcMan, a modern change management system for workload objects. Following ProcMan modules are available at the moment: JCL, IWS z/OS (definitions and daily plan „Ad hoc“ Job requests), IWS (definitions and daily plan „Ad hoc“ Job requests), free text and standard documentation.

2014-12-22: Beta Systems purchases HORIZONT Software GmbH.
For more information:  https://www.betasystems.com/news-events/detail/article/beta-systems-erwirbt-horizont-software-gmbh.html
German press release: see here.


HORIZONT is Advanced Business Partner of IBM.


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