Source Archives

for Open Source products included in HORIZONT distributions

We provide links to the source distributions in the sequel. Please inform us by e-mail, if a link is broken. Then we will provide the corresponding source package in another way as soon as possible.

Product From where? Download
7-zip-9.20 7z920.exe (Win32 installer)
[ini4j] 0.5.2
[ini4j] 0.5.4
Apache Commons Codec 1.10
Apache Commons Exec 1.3
Apache Commons Lang 2.6
Apache Commons Logging 1.2
Apache Commons Net 3.3
Apache Derby
Apache log4j 1.2.16
Apache log4j 1.2.17
Apache POI 3.10.1
CKEditor 3.6.2
com.horizont.apache.commons.codec 1.10 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.commons.exec 1.3 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.commons.lang 2.6 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.commons.logging 1.2 (this page) 3.3 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.derby (this page)
com.horizont.apache.poi 3.10.1 (this page)
com.horizont.eclipse 1.0 (this page)
com.horizont.glazedlists 1.9.0 (this page)
com.horizont.libstdc++ 6.0.18 (this page)
com.horizont.log4j 1.2.17 (this page)
com.horizont.nebula.nattable 1.1.1 (this page)
com.horizont.ini4j 0.5.4 (this page)
Glazed Lists 1.9.0 glazedlists_java15-1.9.0.jar
GNU Gzip 1.3.12-1
GNU sed 4.2.1
GNU Tar 1.12 tar-1.12.tar.gz
Google Guice 3.0
Libglib 0.0.0 (this page) libglib-0.0.0.tgz
Nebula NatTable 1.1.1
Regex for Windows 2.7
Regina REXX 3.9.0 Regina-REXX-3.9.0.tar.gz
Text_Diff 1.1.1 Text_Diff-1.1.1.tgz
Wkhtmltopdf wkhtmltox-0.12.1.tar.bz2
xxrcctm obj (this page)
Joda-Time 2.9 joda-time-2.9-dist.tar.gz
com.horizont.jodatime 2.9 (this page)