XINFO – The IT Information System

XINFO (SmartIS in US market) is an information system for data center. It enables you to access and cross-reference all data from various IT systems.

  • XINFO analyses JCL, DB2, IMS, CICS, RMM, PL/1, COBOL, C, SMF, IWS (TWS), CA7, CA-Scheduler, Automic (UC4), ZEKE, Control-M, Control-D, CA-Deliver, CA-1, load module, Beta93, Beta92-EJM, Assembler, Easytrieve, Natural, HSM, SMS, CA-Disk, Streamworks and much more
  • XINFO runs on system Z with DB2 (z/OS) as well as on MS Windows with ORACLE, MS-SQL or PostgreSQL Server
  • XINFO provides a common window to all your subsystems
  • XINFO is an open system for all kinds of data
  • XINFO requires neither programming nor SQL knowledge
  • XINFO has complete ISPF dialogs and Windows GUIs
  • XINFO delivers both graphical and text-based data
  • XINFO prints various graphics on any printer

XINFO enables your users to find the right answers to questions that can’t be answered at all:

  • Which jobs use the file A.B.C?
  • Which DB2 tables are used by which jobs?
  • Which PSBs are used by which jobs?
  • Which main programs call subprogram ABC?
  • Which COBOL programs are using copy member ABC?
  • Which datasets are updated by program ABC?
  • Which jobs were active last Monday at 3:30?
  • When was a file used by which jobs?
  • Which jobs have waits?
  • Which successors does a job have?
  • Which jobs use program PGM1?


Hint: In USA and Canada XINFO is called SmartIS (due of legal reasons).


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  • Product documentation (English)
  • What has to be done in case of TWS upgrades (English)

XINFO for DB2 Program Files

XINFO for Oracle, MS-SQL or PostgreSQL Program Files

XINFO Distributed Scanners Program Files

XINFO Eclipse Plugin