IWS/BatchCP (TWS/BatchCP) is an add-on to IWS z/OS (TWS for z/OS). It is designed to help you in the automation of your production planning and control. It modifies multiple occurrences, operations, special resources, and external and internal dependencies in batch mode.

IWS/BatchCP increases the productivity of your employees by automating repetitive tasks. It helps you avoid manual, error-prone IWS dialog input. IWS/BatchCP is useful for testing purposes. Set date fields (input arrival date of predecessors, occurrences, deadlines) to any date in the future. Generate JCL for any date in the future. Simulate TWS variable substitution.

With IWS/BatchCP, users do not need any programming knowledge. IWS/BatchCP works with easy-to-understand control statements. IWS/BatchCP is normally started in batch mode. However, IWS/BatchCP can also be used, for example, in REXX programs and can therefore be integrated into any existing application.


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