IWS Products – specially designed for IWS (formerly TWS)

The products below are specially designed for IWS (TWS), you will not be able to use them if you are running other schedulers than IBM’s IWS (TWS). For all installations products like XINFO and SmartJCL deliver great benefits, they include interfaces to the most common scheduling systems, e.g. CA7, Control-M, Automic (UC4), ZEKE etc.


Products for IWS distributed (TWS distributed)

TWS/WebAdmin DS – The Web Interface to IWS ds (TWS ds)

TWS/WebAdmin provides a web browser based interface to IBM Workload Scheduler IWS (TWS). The web browser provides an almost universally familiar interface and a self-explanatory navigation system.


Products for IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

IWS/WebAdmin – The Web Interface to IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

IWS/WebAdmin z/OS is a Web Portal for IBM’s Workload Scheduler for z/OS

IWS/Graph – Graphics, Documentation and Monitoring for IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

IWS/Graph displays your IWS Application description and current plan as net plans and bar charts. It includes online access, monitoring, AD documentation and much more.

IWS/Audit – The Change Control System for IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

IWS/Audit tracks and captures all changes made to IWS z/OS. That makes it easy to detect modifications, insertions and deletions.

IWS/BatchAD – The System for Convenient Mass Updates for IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

This useful interface to the definition databases of „IWS for z/OS“ performs mass changes, cloning and/or maintenance in batch mode. Productivity is increased by minimizing dialog usage.

IWS/BatchCP – Automation for the Current Plan for IWS z/OS (TWS z/OS)

IWS/BatchCP is an add-on to IWS for z/OS. It is designed to help you in the automation of your production planning and control. It modifies multiple occurrences, operations, special resources, and external and internal dependencies in batch mode.