ProcMan - The Handover Process Manager

ProcMan is a Change Management System specially designed to meet the needs of production.

SmartJCL - The Easy Way to Faultless JCL

SmartJCL is a new JCL checker. It offers integrated scheduler interfaces, reformat functions, batch mode and much more.

IWS (TWS) Products - specially designed for IWS (IBM Workload Scheduler)

Since 1993 HORIZONT has developed add-on products built on IBM’s popular scheduling system IWS (TWS). TWS/Graph, TWS/WebAdmin and TWS/Audit are used in hundreds of installations worldwide.

XINFO - The IT Information System

XINFO (also known as SmartIS) is the information system for batch production. It enables you to access and cross-reference all data from various IT systems like JCL, TWS, CA-7, CA-Scheduler, Control-M, ZEKE, SMF, RMM, CA-1, COBOL, PL/I and much more. 100 satisfied customers worldwide.


General information about products