As a user of TWS, you know how important this system is for the planning, automation, and control of your batch processing. With perhaps thousands of jobs running every night, TWS is critical to the completion of your batch production. However, as projects grow, they become harder and harder to manage. When you are faced with problems, change requests, or simply the need to have TWS information readily available, can you now:

– Create Netplans to graphically display and print jobstreams, jobs, dependencies…?

– Graphically see, on a time axis, when a job will run?

– Easily view the entire batch production or even selected portions of it?

– Display predecessors and successors?

– Provide additional information to users, operators, customers, managers, controllers…?

– Print or plot Netplans in black and white, gray shades or color?

With TWS/Graph you can do all of this and much more besides!


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