Get to know our team!

Uwe H.

CEO & girl for very much

Education: Computer science studies with focus on business

Hobbies: Soccer (player and youth leader for 20 years and youth coach for 20 years until 5 years ago), enjoying nice bars, good restaurants

Fun Fact: My belly is caused by my hollow back ­čśë

Josef D.

CEO, product manager, development, support, internal IT

Education: Computer scientist (FH)

Hobbies: Bike tours, tandem riding, mountains and being outdoors

Fun Fact: Bicycles and tandem

Thomas H.

Consulting & HR Manager

Education: IT Systems Management Assistant and Bachelor in Business Administration + WiPsy

Hobbies: Soccer and city trips

I can’t go without these tools: Teams, smartphone, e-bike

Michael H.

IT Consultant

Education: Master in IT Management

Hobbies: Freelance webdesigner & programs own webapplications in his spare time, passionate skier

Fun Fact: Allergic to beer, has a racing sim rig at home

Nicolas S.

IT Consultant

Education: Master in Business Informatics

Hobbies: Motorcycle & bicycle riding, passionate (leisure) cook

Fun Fact: History knowledge gained through AoE and AC, would prefer to work remotely from Mexico

Laura P.

Temporary help in marketing & web

Education: Master in Marketing/Sales/Media

Hobbies: Soccer, listening to a lot of music & going on vacation

Fun Fact: Before I eat a loaf of bread or start topping it, I always have to take a bite.

Danilo O.

Working student

Education: Bachelor in Business Information Systems (expected beginning of March 2023)

Hobbies: hiking, traveling, sim-racing

Fun Fact: passionate Formula 1 fan

Jozsef B.

Development, test automation

Education: Bachelor in computer science

Hobbies: family adventures, movies, video games

Fun Fact: Qualified tour guide

Claudia D.-E.

External consulting

Education: Diploma Engineer

Hobbies: volleyball, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, puzzling and reading

Fun Fact: Puzzle right now at a 6000 meter peak

J. Balaji P.

Software engineer, development, support

Education: Bachelor Engineer

Hobbies: Cricket, running, movies, table tennis, passionate cook.

Fun Fact: My daughter and son speak better German than I do. ­čśë

Burak K.


Ausbildung: Bachelor in Wirtschaftsinformatik (voraussichtlich Anfang M├Ąrz 2024)

Hobbies: Boxen, Fu├čball, Spazierengehen und Reisen

Fun Fact: Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold

Dominik W.

Control-M Consultant

Education: IT Specialist/System Integration and Bachelor in Bioinformatics

Hobbies: Why hobbies, I have children and somehow everything else that is fun

Fun Fact: There are still plenty of wine bottles from 2016 sitting around in my cellar. Only I no longer drink since the birth of my first daughter in December 2016.