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XINFO (SmartIS in US market) is an information system for data centers


XINFO is the comprehensive tool for analyzing and reporting data from a variety of data center systems. Cross-connections between the systems can be queried effortlessly.

The key benefit for users in management, development and operations is that important mainframe IT information is provided in one place. This allows IT processes to be efficiently analyzed and evaluated.
This provides a company-wide basis for a holistic view of complex IT operations.

XINFO provides information for JCL, DB2, IMS, CICS, RMM, PL/1, COBOL, C, SMF, IWS (TWS), CA7, CA-Scheduler, Automic (UC4), ZEKE, Control-M, Control-D, CA-D, CA-Deliver, CA-1, Load Module, _beta doc|z, _beta job|z, Assembler, Easytrieve, Natural, HSM, SMS, CA-Disk, Streamworks and much more.

XINFO enables your users to find the right answers to questions that are otherwise difficult or impossible to answer.

  • Which jobs use the file A.B.C?
  • Which DB2 tables are used by which jobs?
  • Which PSBs are used by which jobs?
  • Which main programs call subprogram ABC?
  • Which COBOL programs are using copy member ABC?
  • Which datasets are updated by program ABC?
  • Which jobs were active last Monday at 3:30?
  • When was a file used by which jobs?
  • Which jobs have waits?
  • Which successors does a job have?
  • Which jobs use program PGM1?
  • When was service ABC active?

XINFO Downloads

For presentations, flyers, tutorials or documentation and installation files, please open the XINFO download page by clicking the following button.

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