ProcMan Version 5.0.1

ProcMan Version 5 is now available. It supports Control-M, offers a new powerful JCL-Generator language, a simple self-service process to add IWSz applications to the plan and many improvements in the IWSz dialog.

With the new version 5, a comfortable ProcMan module for the BMC scheduler Control-M is now available. Use this module to ensure in your IT operations, that Control-M folders/jobs can be released in a controlled, audit-proof and automated manner. In fact, along the entire path from a development system through several test stages to production. Any number of EM/Control-M systems can be connected.

The ProcMan modules for JCL and IWSz, which have been used extensively and effectively for many years, have also seen some changes with version 5.

You can find a small selection of the highlights here.

ProcMan JCL module:

  • New JCL rule syntax and features for JCL analysis and generator
  • JCL recovery function for non-completed processes
  • Performance optimization for file transfer to the host.

ProcMan IWSz module:

  • TLS 1.2/1.3 encryption at IWSz AD synchronization
  • Optimized dialogues for user-friendly handling
  • Insert a set of applications into the current plan with resolved dependencies

Contact us to set up ProcMan effectively for your needs as well.