Source Archives

for Open Source products included in HORIZONT distributions

We provide links to the source distributions in the sequel. Please inform us by e-mail, if a link is broken. Then we will provide the corresponding source package in another way as soon as possible.

All open source archives are listed in the table and the linked file below.

List of open source archives.pdf

Product From where? Download
com.horizont.apache.commons.codec 1.10 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.commons.exec 1.3 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.commons.lang 2.6 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.commons.logging 1.2 (this page) 3.3 (this page)
com.horizont.apache.derby (this page)
com.horizont.apache.poi 3.10.1 (this page)
com.horizont.eclipse 1.0 (this page)
com.horizont.glazedlists 1.9.0 (this page)
com.horizont.libstdc++ 6.0.18 (this page)
com.horizont.log4j 1.2.17 (this page)
com.horizont.nebula.nattable 1.1.1 (this page)
com.horizont.ini4j 0.5.4 (this page)