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IWS/BatchCP V3R4

Home-Event News IWS/BatchCP Version 3 Release 4 is available since February 2021 and includes support for TWS 9.2, IWS 9.3, IWS 9.3 with SPE and IWS 9.5. Please notice the…
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XINFO Release 4.2Release 4.2 is available since June 2020 with these enhancements: Improved/simplified TCPIP communication New listener HORILST communicates directly with XINFO server –  no UWORK One XINFO server task…
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New in IWS/Graph Version 6.2

Home-Event News New TCPIP Communication with HORILST supports all communication methods Mixed unencrypted/encrypted communication with different client values is possible ATTENTION: See important information in Installation Guide Back to all…
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