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The 19th HOT, your HORIZONT user conference in Munich, Germany.
From Monday, 4th to Wednesday, 6th of July 2022.

  • For the 15th time with Germany’s largest trade fair in the field of workload automation (scheduling)
  • Comprehensive and diverse selection of presentations, workshops and discussions
  • First-hand information
  • More benefits for all users and vendors
  • The 1st time with international visitors and English presentations
  • The conference hotel (Hotel Leonardo Royal, Munich) is centrally located near the Olympic Park with optimal public transport connections

Our exhibitors are and have been:

Additional information:

  • With more than 150 participants and 10 exhibitors, the HOT is the largest fair plus conference for Workload Automation in Germany.
  • Besides HORIZONT, the most renowned and largest software vendors use the HOT as a forum for their products: Beta Systems, BMC, Broadcom CA, IBM, …
  • HOT’s focus is on the participants: operations planners, system administrators, freelancers, group leaders, managers.
  • The HOT takes place in Munich since 1997.
  • In 2022 the HOT takes three days: On day 1 (4th of July) you will get to know important and new things about HORIZONT. On day 2 + 3 (5th + 6th of July) there is the fair including vendor presentations.
  • Numerous breaks invite to contacts, conversations and discussions: Users
    with developers, vendors with customers, technicians with users, or everyone with everybody.

Room Reservation:

Please refer to the information in the following info sheet for booking and reservation of the hotel room.

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The detailed agenda can be found here (click here).