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More than 300 customers worldwide have chosen HORIZONT solutions for workload, automation and DevOps processes.

You can find a selection of our customers in each country by clicking on the country name.


Country Distributor Contact
Australia Blueline Software Pty Ltd admin@blueline.com.au
Austria HORIZONT Software GmbH info@horizont-it.com
Belgium European Software Management esmsoftware@esm-it.fr
Canada SEGUS Inc. b.fitzgibbon@segus.com
Chile SUASUM Consejos Informaticos, S. L. carlos@suasum.com
Danmark MainSoft ApS sales@mainsoft.dk
England Beta Systems Software info-dci@betasystems.com
Finland MainSoft ApS sales@mainsoft.dk
France European Software Management esmsoftware@esm-it.fr
Germany HORIZONT Software GmbH info@horizont-it.com
Ireland Beta Systems Software info-dci@betasystems.com
Israel Log-On Software Ltd. werner@log-on.com
Italy Beta Systems Software info-dci@betasystems.com
Japan SoftPlex, Inc. kasai@softplex.co.jp
Luxemburg European Software Management esmsoftware@esm-it.fr
Marocco European Software Management esmsoftware@esm-it.fr
Mexico SUASUM Consejos Informaticos, S. L. carlos@suasum.com
Netherlands HORIZONT Software GmbH info@horizont-it.com
Norway MainSoft International A/S sales@mainsoft.dk
Portugal GAIA, Soluciones Informaticas, S.L. info@gaia-si.com
Singapore Software Vision Consultants Pte Ltd anna_so@svcasia.com
Spain GAIA, Soluciones Informaticas, S.L. info@gaia-si.com
Sweden MainSoft ApS sales@mainsoft.dk
Switzerland HORIZONT Software GmbH info@horizont-it.com
USA SEGUS Inc. info@segus.com

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