Production and user-friendly system components

A clear direction can also be discerned in this segment: Increased and changed user requirements are placing new demands and tasks on system administration. The primary objectives – in line with this – are maximum availability, higher capacities, and better and more resources.

In order to cope with the increasing complexity, holistic solutions are required that are on the same level, both technically and conceptually. And the selection of adequate hardware and software requires careful planning. We design customized service concepts for you and offer you support in implementing them in the production process or the existing IT environment on site. Using the latest technology. Consistent and transparent. Goal-oriented and future-oriented.

Our service starts where it is necessary to use existing capacities and create new ones. From basic software and system-related software to migration to new operating systems and integration of new automation products and tools. In addition to business aspects, the focus is always on correct dimensioning and reliability – even if capacities continue to grow.

We take over for you

  • System maintenance and servicing of basic operating systems
  • Integration of third-party software
  • Migration support
  • performance/tuning

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