Datacenter-Automation and Datacenter-Organisation

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A transparent, well-organized data center workflow management system

Ideally, a consistent, effective job flow at all levels of the data center works like the proven interplay of cogwheels. However, this requires perfect interaction between the functional areas of data center automation, work preparation, operating and user service. The ultimate goal is to use and exploit the power of modern hardware and software optimally and economically.

We develop holistic, fundamental strategies for you. That is why our work always starts with listening and analyzing. Listening to what the customer wants and needs. Analyzing how – with the integration of company-wide client/server systems – automation in the data center can be optimized. Together with you, we design individual, company-specific solutions and concepts and accompany you during their implementation – and beyond. State-of-the-art. Forward-looking. Complex and yet flexible.

We provide you with our up-to-date practical knowledge as well as our experts. You take over the installation of tools and the implementation of state-of-the-art processes and methods. For your employees, this means practical integration into production processes and “training on the job”.

We design for you

  • Job design and networking
  • Automatic job preparation
  • Application control
  • Output management systems
  • Tape management systems
  • Reconciliation systems
  • Help desk functions

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